Alaska Chokecherry Birch Syrup will take your breakfast to a new level. Alaska Chokecherry Birch Syrup is an elegant addition to drizzle on fruit, ice cream, and all your delicious desserts. Alaskan Chokecherries paired with Alaskan birch syrup will create new food traditions for your family.

Chokecherry 'N Birch Syrup

SKU: 1012
  • Chokecherry Birch Syrup is made from Alaska Chokecherries and Alaskan Birch trees. Chokecherry Birch Syrup has a full, sweet, dark flavor.

    The Chokecherry Birch Syrup comes in a beautiful glass bottle with a Alaskan cabin depicted on it.

    The syrup pairs beautifully with desserts. Try as a topping on ice cream, cheesecake and drizzled on fruit. Your french toast will taste decadent, even chicken will be enhanced by the cherry and birch flavor.

    The Italian glass bottle is 8.45 oz. The shape of the bottle is a quintessential Alaskan theme.

    We use Organic ingredients paired with Alaska Birch Syrup to bring you high quality gourmet foods. Our products are made by hand in small batches to bring you the best Alaskan specialties.

  • We deal in specialty food items. To maintain quality and customer protection we do not accept any returns. If you have questions about the product please email us.