Our Birch 'N Serrano Saskatoon Vinegar Infusion are versatile and flavorful. Every recipe contains our 100% Pure Alaskan Birch Syrup for an added fullness of flavor. Birch 'N Serrano Saskatoon Vinegar Infusion is a sweet and spicy flavor burst for your food.


Try this decadent birch vinegar on your salad for a meal to remember. Savor the flavor of Alaska Birch Syrup.

Birch 'N Serrano Saskatoon Vinegar Infusion

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  • Birch 'N Serrano Saskatoon Vinegar Infusion is made from real Alaskan Birch trees and Alaskan Saskatoons.


    Birch 'N Serrano Saskatoon Vinegar Infusion is one of our favorite Spicy Vinegar Infusions. It is a delectable treat over a salad of romaine, bell peppers, cucumbers, and walnuts. even salmon and chicken will be enhanced by the sweet yet spicy layer of flavor. Drizzle on your sandwiches or use as a dip for meat or vegetables.


    Enjoy a unique flavor burst from the finest ingredients. We use a rice vinegar base to provide the tang of vinegar yet with a more delicate and sweet flavor. The glass bottle is 8.45 oz.


    We pair high quality ingredients with Alaska Birch Syrup to bring you delicious gourmet foods. Our products are made by hand in small batches to bring you the best Alaskan specialties.

  • We deal in specialty food items. To maintain quality and customer protection we do not accept any returns. If you have questions about the product please email us.

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